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Gameshelf Guarantee

The Gameshelf Satisfaction Guarantee™Gameshelf Satisfaction Guarantee

The Gameshelf Satisfaction Guarantee™ is our promise to both refund and replace qualified items that arrive damaged or incomplete. The Guarantee reflects our commitment to earning your trust through excellence in product quality and customer service.


Section 1: Introduction

The Gameshelf Satisfaction Guarantee™ (henceforth, "guarantee") is our promise to both replace and refund qualified items that are damaged or incomplete. Qualified items carry the statement "Covered by the Gameshelf Satisfaction Guarantee™" on the item page. Purchase and full payment of a qualified ("covered") item shall confer on the buyer the privileges of the guarantee. The guarantee is provided and serviced by Gameshelf™ and its legal company representatives (henceforth, "the company"). Items damaged or lost while in the buyer's possession are not covered. The guarantee also does not cover items lost in transit. Valid claims will be serviced by the company within the terms set forth within this contract.

Section 2: Placing a Claim

A claim shall be defined as a request from a buyer (henceforth, "claimant") for replacement of a damaged or incomplete item. The request must included specific identification of the damaged or missing components of the item. Photo documentation may be required. All claims must include the order number of the guaranteed item, the claimant's full name, and the email address used with the original purchase. A claim shall be considered filed on the date it was received. Claims may be submitted to the company at

Section 3: Limitations & Valid Claims

To be considered valid, a claim must be filed within 7 days of the item delivery date (as confirmed by packaging carrier tracking) or 30 days after the shipment date, whichever period is shorter. Any claim filed 30 days or more after the item shipment date will be considered invalid regardless of when delivery occurred. All claims will be reviewed for validity by the company and either approved or declined within 7 business days of the filing date. A claim will only be declined when there is insufficient evidence of actual item damage or missing components. Only one claim may be placed per covered item. A claim may not be resubmitted if declined. Replacement items or components that arrive damaged or incomplete, or are lost in transit, are not covered by the guarantee.

Section 4: Item and Component Replacement

Damaged items may be replaced in whole or in part at the discretion of the company. If an item can be repaired though replacement of damaged components, supply of replacement components shall be considered complete fulfillment of the guarantee claim. For incomplete items, the specific components necessary to render the item complete will be supplied in fulfillment of the claim.

Section 5: Resolution of Claims

A claim shall be considered resolved and fulfilled when 1) the replacement item or components have been transferred to the shipping carrier; 2) confirmation of the item refund has been sent. Valid guarantee claims will be processed, shipped, and refunded within 7 business days of the date approved; however, items or components in backorder may take up to 30 business days to ship.

Section 6: Exclusions

Certain items are excluded from guarantee coverage. Game boards, boxes, storage inserts, packaging materials, promotional materials, promotional items, exclusive items, limited edition items, non-original items, and any other item or component weighing more than 11 ounces (312 grams) or measuring more than 10 inches long (25cm), 8 inches wide (20cm), and 4 inches tall (10cm) will not be replaced under the guarantee. In the case of game items or components no longer in production, a replacement similar in style and function may be substituted at the discretion of the company.

Section 7: Refunds

An item refund shall be equal to the item purchase price before shipping and after discounts. Refunds will be remitted through PayPal, credit card, or check. A PayPal or credit card refund will be issued to the account used in the original purchase transaction. A check refund will be sent to the mailing address provided with the original purchase. Claimants may request their potential refund be issued to a different account or mailed to a different address when submitting their guarantee claim. The company shall not be liable for refunds lost in transit or unrecoverable due to circumstances beyond the company's control.

Section 8: Disputes & Liability

In the event that a dispute arises under this contract, legal proceedings shall be conducted in the jurisdiction of Orange County, Florida. If a judicial ruling is made against the company, resulting damages shall be limited to the value of the original purchase price of the guaranteed item. Unenforceability of any part of this contract shall not be construed to invalidate the remaining parts. THE COMPANY DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, OR FINANCIAL INJURY RESULTING FROM ACCEPTANCE AND PERFORMANCE OF THIS CONTRACT.

Section 9: Acceptance

Purchase and full payment of a covered item shall constitute acceptance of this contract. This contract is an agreement between the company and the buyer of the covered item. THE COMPANY OFFERS NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, WHETHER OF FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR USE OR MERCHANTABILITY. The guarantee may give the holder specific legal rights that vary by state or country. This contract constitutes the entirety of the Gameshelf Satisfaction Guarantee™, the company offers no other guarantee or warranty either express or implied.

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